Education Is The Most Important Thing Needed For The Better Or Create More Learning Opportunities?

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In today’s society, having a quality education is the most important thing needed to be successful. Over the years several theorists have experimented and attempted new theories to attempt to make an adolescent 's life change for the better or create more learning opportunities. Some of the theories are that students need to master strategies like applying existing knowledge to new situations which make sense for adolescents who learn hands-on. Some of the best ways for students to learn something is by physically showing them what they are being taught and applying that to something they use in their everyday life. Another theory is that students need a foundation of cultural literacy to prepare them to become active citizens in their society which I also believe can be very useful, because as students increase their knowledge with ideas such as cultural literacy their movement for increasing active citizenship in their society is more frequent. The most important theory in my opinion given was that students must learn to work collaboratively to solve problems; this is very useful because as students work along with other students, they are taught how to conduct themselves and how to work together with people. The last theory given was the idea of quality education and how it must prepare students to work together for social justice. This idea ties in with the last theory, working alongside other individuals who are learning the same information can be a very useful way to…

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