Society's Impact On The Purpose Of Education

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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” This Chinese proverb explains the impact that teaching has on civilization. If we are able to teach students lessons that will help them throughout their lives it will be more adequate, rather than just handing students one-day worth of information. Education is one of the most important parts of life, if not the most important aspect of life. Students who learn to provide for themselves are more likely to succeed than students who get “spoon-fed” the whole way. This quote provides a prime explanation of why education is extremely important in everyday life. The reason that I am pursuing a career in teaching is to help educate and provide students …show more content…
Schools are the “primers” for releasing our citizens into the workforce and everyday survival. Schools are in charge of making sure that the students get the most information possible to help them go on in their pursuit of happiness and dreams. The students themselves roles in education are to attend ready to expand their knowledge and be prepared to obtain knowledge that will be used later on in their lives. Students are “sponges” in the classroom, the goal is for them as students to absorb the knowledge being taught and be able to relate it back to their own lives. A commonly asked question is “What is considered an excellent teacher?” My belief is that an excellent teacher is one that makes his or her students feel comfortable, engages them from bell to bell, and supplies them with the appropriate knowledge they need to succeed are the big factors of an excellent teacher. The role of a teacher is to simply provide his or her students with adequate knowledge to relate to life. A teacher should express situations where students will use this knowledge and understand the material that is being …show more content…
Due to the life I grew up living I have had to prove to myself and I believe I can prove to others that no matter the situation you can come out on top. I have a strange and whacky personality that I feel will be able to engage the students, and I have that desire to help the youth. I believe that the reason I was put on this earth was to help the youth and help them achieve their dreams and goals in/out of the classroom. From my observations of the classrooms the biggest thing I had noticed was from a middle school math teacher. She was a very intimidating teacher at first, but by the end of the class her message was clear. She was going to push her students to do their best and had her expectations set very high. Teachers like her are the reason I am interested in education; she was the best example of an excellent teacher I have observed. Throughout all of my observations thus far I have seen multiple forms of teaching styles and how they work. Observations have helped mold my future lesson plans by giving me examples of activities that may be effective in helping these students learn to the fullest. Overall my philosophy is to help students of all kinds advance themselves in life and to push them to learn the basic knowledge that is essential to surviving everyday

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