Education Is The Most Essential Resources Essay examples

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Education is one of the most essential resources in society. In today’s society the media put a tremendous amount of attention on the teachers conduct and the students’ performance. Most people never witness the day-to-day teaching process and complexity of the classroom environment. I am a Math Interventionist at a local middle school, in which I tutor and teach math skills to fifth through eighth grade students. In the process of educating the mind of my students, I truly believe that teaching is my calling. In other words, my core convictions of teaching and learning are that all students have that capability to learn something and knowing the reward of educating the minds of children. Student learning is the nucleus of teaching! Knowing this, as a teacher and tutor, I have developed personal teaching goals that creates a productive learning environment.
My utmost vital conviction of being a teacher is my belief that every child can learn something. Children are our greatest resource; this is why I am so passionate about educating to minds of children. I believe that every child that enters into my class can learn. So, my teaching value reflexes my confidence and my caring as a teacher, which leaded my students learn something new. Every child is teachable. Every child is reachable. As a teacher it is my responsibility to help every child in my classroom grows toward becoming a well-rounded human being who feels that he or she can be successful. For instance, after I…

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