Education Is The Higher Level Of Education Essay

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Every country around the world is different; by education, language, and its culture, no two countries are the exact same. England a country in Europe only requires students to attend school until they’re 16, as in the United States most students attend school until they’re 18, and then pursue education. Education is a huge part of society, the higher level of education you have, the higher level in society you are because education allows you to get better jobs than no education or little education. Many students look to college from a young age, training to be ready for the test and taking hard courses to prepare themselves. No matter which country you are in or grade all smart students look to college and prepare for college. Students in China prepare for the Gaokao; a test in which universities look for as acceptance to college (“Inside a Chinese Test-Prep Factory”). Students need to be smart and prepared for college and their careers to be ready for competition and stress in their lives. Shenendehowa English 10 students make ongoing connections between the every-day job responsibilities of a career they may want to pursue with the reading, writing, listening, and speaking English Language Arts Common Core Curriculum’s career and college preparation towards their readiness for global collaboration and competition with people from other countries. Kids want to be rich and be the best they can be when they are older, but don 't realize it comes in steps to move…

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