Education Is The Great American Education Essay

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College education is the great equalizer among all people as it allows people to fully realize their potential and see opportunity. Education also allows a greater appreciation for people and cultures. The lower class has the opportunity to rise up into the middle class and consequently the middle could rise up to the wealthy. Seen from the view of foreign countries, the United States is a country with quality education and families are willing to make the sacrifices to send their children abroad to study. We see immigrants will come from foreign countries and build new lives in America starting with education. This revolutionizes a whole new generation to be rising up from poverty; however, there is a problem with the great american education. This opportunity for education is slowly being taken away from people by schools and the government as fewer people are granted the privilege to go to college simply because they can not afford it. In turn this takes us back to an immobile class system. Without education people will continue to live in poverty because they do not have the education to get a well paying job to pay for all the simple necessities in life. If income increases among all, we all benefit. This class system is also a problem in other ways because with the rising cost of college tuition the middle class, being the majority of people, is suffering. The wealthy are easily able to pay a larger percent of their income for an education while the lower class is…

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