Education Is The Future And Life As A Whole Essay

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What is Education? Education is more than just a whiteboard or blackboard or a marker or chalk. Education is a process that deals with engaging the mind and spirit of students to think divergently, creatively and intellectually. Education is not a system, but an organ used to stimulate conversations, improve skills and acquire mastery. Education is an investment is the future and life as a whole. Education is a tool students can employ for all round development to help live independently, adapt to the society and discover their real selves. Although education deals with the empowerment of people in the modern society, thus the education system should focus more on teachers and students’ interaction in the classroom setting. Also, enhance creative and critical thinking among students to ensure that the students are not only listening to the teacher, but they are engage with the teacher. Imagine a classroom where the teacher is just feeding the students with knowledge and not asking for their opinions. The students will be bored with no enthusiasm to learn. Paulo Freire talks about, “The ‘Banking Concept of Education”. He states, “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor”. Freire (1). He calls it the, “narration sickness”. These days education has turned into a bank in which teachers put and students take. Students should be more engaged in every conversation because that…

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