Education Is The Best Way For Your Future Career Essay example

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Education is the best way to prepare for your future career, right? I certainly used to think so. However, now sometimes it seems like education is just there to prepare us for more education. The biggest dilemma many students find themselves in now is if they should even bother going to college. My younger self believed that choosing to attend a university was a no-brainer if you wanted to be successful with your life, and that being prepared for it just meant having a brain. Recently, however, that attitude has changed drastically, particularly about who should go to college and what deems them prepared or not.
In the larger scheme of things, is a college degree even the most important part of getting that successful career? That’s certainly what I used to believe and it’s why I never gave myself even the slightest chance to not attend college. The truth that I’ve realized is that education is a huge portion of qualifying for many jobs but it is certainly not all. Other important requirements are experience, either at a similar job or as an intern, and professional connections. In some cases experience can even trump education, I knew an Intel employee who accredits being hired more to his high school job than his engineering degree. There are also many cases where underqualified people get hired because they know someone higher up.
Now assuming that you are going to college you’re biggest worry is now what degree you’re aiming for. I’ve known my major since I…

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