Essay on Education Is The Best Option

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School, it is one of the most significant parts of a person 's life. A time when information is taught to students and is later applied to their future occupation. A time that is crucial in human development and provides a foundation for the rest on one’s life. If it is such an important part of a person’s life, then shouldn’t we maximize our efforts to provide the best possible education to students; an education that will maximize learning and provide benefits for our future? Many parents and students have agreed that education should be taught to its full potential and yet, believe that either a traditional education or an online education is the best option. There are many parents and students who have a strong perspectives one either side of this argument. What they may not have taken into consideration is that both concepts can be combined to obtain this all around, full potential opportunity in the classroom. Technology can be combined with formal instruction to provide students with the best education, known as the concept of Blended Learning. This compromise consists of a combination of teacher instructions, group work, and individual work which will positively change education and allow for a flexible and diverse learning environment for the student. “Blended learning provides students with cutting-edge artificially intelligent tutoring software while allowing instructors flexibility in planning their syllabuses” (Bird, 2014). I first came across this concept…

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