Education Is The Best And Job Opportunities Essay

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The American dream, a life full of opportunity in a land that is believed to give people everything they could ever ask for. Education is supposed to be the best and job opportunities are endless. America would like people to believe that starting out as an underdog, barely making ends meet, that with hard work, the ability to move throughout the social ladder will bring people out on top. The class system of America is flawed and the lower class and under class, are those who live below the poverty line and need government assistance, and do not always have the same opportunities or quality of education and employment that is promised. This is because of social stratification, which is ‘inequalities among individuals and groups within human societies; a system in which groups of people are ranked in a hierarchy” (Pratt). There are three main factors that play into social stratification and those are “class, status, and power, which combined to form ones socioeconomic status” (Pratt). The class system in the United States is “a large group of people who occupy a similar economic position in the wider society and have similar life chances to be able to achieve economic prosperity” (Pratt). These systems are supposed to be fluid and allow for those to climb the social ladder if given the opportunity (Pratt). However the lower and under classes are the most over looked and under helped. This paper will look at how the feminization of poverty directly correlates to child…

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