Education Is Still Treated Like A Privilege? Essay

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Education is still treated like a privilege instead of a right. Public education in urban areas is said to be significantly worse than in suburban areas. In fact only 19 percent of students from urban areas seek higher education compared to 70 percent of their suburban counterparts. According to research this is drastically different due to resources, teacher attrition rate, and the lack of parental support. Funds are given to the top performing schools living many low performing schools at the bottom. We need to dig deep and find the root of the problem because we are what we consistently produce and if we produce mediocrity in education our future scholars will as well. Overall we need to address the overall problem which is the fact that the schools that are doing well need to strive for constancy but the schools that aren’t need to be assisted with direct policies to help assist their opportunities for greater education. We as a country cannot grow if one part of us is. We grow by watering the root of the problem. By attacking poverty we can attack the negative effects of education on schools in poverty.

The Negative Effects of Poverty on Education

Poverty in short terms is about money, more precisely the lack of money, but the effects of poverty go far from the banking account. According to the website, statistics issued in 2015 show that in the United States there are 43.1 million people that live in poverty. Of those 43.1 million, 24.4…

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