Education Is Not Important For Success Essay examples

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Education is not always a key to success. Back home, when my brothers and I were about five to seven years old, the civil war in Somalia forced my family to migrate to our neighboring country Kenya. When we settled in, my parents didn’t have enough money to care for us, the family condition was poor. The house was small and there was no bathroom, no playground for the children. Mom had to go to work in order to pay all the expenses of the family, the cost of education in this country was much too high and to educate a child was extremely stressful at that time, for a poor family. I grew up in a family of five children and my cousin became the sixth one after his mother died, so my mom raised him. One day, when the whole family was there, mom came up with the idea of educating my cousin, who had grown up with us, because he was the oldest. The following day my cousin and mom went to the school near to us to register him at the school. This was a boarding school where the students stay at school for a year, being allowed a vacation break of only two weeks.
My cousin had obviously changed when he came back from school, as he started to eat his meals alone, to do things by himself, and he started hitting us. He would use bad words and sometimes fight with us. During the school break, a tutor came to him at home, and when we greeted the tutor my cousin got nervous and started shouting and telling us that we were not made to be educated. He was above the family. Mom treated him…

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