Education Is Not A Reserve Of The School Compound Essay

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My literacy journey has been one that I am grateful for thus far. Throughout the years, my family and my teachers have been at the core of my literacy. The various teachers and professors who have taught me have really played a big role in ensuring that I have become as literate as they could possibly prepare me. My parents and siblings have always been a big part of this journey, especially in reading. They have supported me by encouraging me to read as many books as possible. Honestly, growing up in a family of avid readers and a few writers put a lot of pressure on me since I was young We have cultivated the culture of book marathons whereby each of us strives to read the most books possible. Growing up, entertainment was mostly literary rather than films.
I learnt how to read at a tender age. Education is not a reserve of the school compound. I learnt how to read and write both in school and at home. My earliest, albeit rusty, memory of literacy is reading short stories to my parents and siblings after dinner. In order that I became an excellent reader, my parents made me repeat the same book from cover to cover severally until I was flawless. Reading the same book each night for a couple of weeks or even a month is as boring as watching paint peeling off a wall. It was the punishment accorded to me to ensure that I learnt how to read and write perfectly.
Looking back, the term ‘bookworm’ was an understatement. Once I had grasped the technicalities of reading and…

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