Education Is Looked At By Richard Rodriguez Essay

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Capstone Essay
Education can contain miles and miles of content in terms of talking. Education is looked at by Richard Rodriguez in his essay “The Achievement of Desire” and by Paulo Freire in his essay “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education.” One can make some assumptions about various strategies of teaching students, by considering methods used to teach Rodriguez. The types of relationships Rodriguez had with his teachers, family and peers were heavily affected by specific methods of education going on in that period. Freire in “The ‘Banking’ Concept of Education” argues how classrooms in today’s society are not equally fair. Freire, in his essay, explains how students have a closed mind now. In the typical classroom it is “do as I say” and the students respond by doing as they are told without having any input. For Rodriguez, on the other hand, school was his way of “getting out.” Richard Hoggart went into more detail with “The Scholarship Boy” (1957) where he explained what the scholarship boy essentially is. He explains how the “scholarship boy” separates himself mentally from reality and focuses more on academics than anything else.
Rodriguez’s point of view came from his experiences at home. He never got to study, nor do schoolwork due to the many distractions. He was distracted by people coming into his living room where he was trying to study and get his academic work done. Rodriguez did not care about his own feelings, because he was focused on his school work…

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