Essay on Education Is Its Promotion Of Equal Opportunity

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One of the most predominant advantages to education is its promotion of equal opportunity. Bloom confirms this atmosphere when he writes, “[Great thinkers] had authority not based on power, money, or family, but on natural gifts that properly compel respect”(Bloom 6). Privilege based on wealth holds no power behind the walls of a university, but Michaels proposes that inequality lies at the gates of universities. “What’s keeping [the poor] out of elite universities is not their inability to pay the bill, but their inability to qualify for admission in the first place”(Michaels 196). Most people assume that low-income families do not attend college because they cannot afford it. Universities respond to this outcry by claiming they will cover the financial needs of prospect students from poorer families. Michaels counters this proposition by saying, “As economic inequality has increased, we have become increasingly committed to imagining that our schools are open to all, regardless of class”(Michaels 201). In this he claims that covering tuition for students who cannot afford it is meaningless. This he later explains is because students from low-income families do not have the background needed to be admitted to high end universities. Regardless of tuition, low-income families cannot afford private schools or educational opportunity that universities look for. This is evident in the statistics for SATs. Research showed from the study in Ohio, “Only 45 percent of low-income…

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