Education Is Essential Essay: Why Education Is Essential

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Why Education is Essential
Education is generally defined as the process of learning and acquiring information. Formal education takes place in different sites including primary and secondary schools, community colleges and universities. These days the importance of education is questionable for many people because the labor market is saturated and its high costs. However, I believe that having a college education is important because provide people with a much-needed edge in today competitive job market, expand student knowledge base, growth personal satisfaction, bring economic benefits and impact positively in our society.
First of all, the job market has been changing considerably over the past years and now demands college education.
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Going to college is a big challenge and required an enormous effort. For example, the feeling of doing the right things on your own and see it when you overcame courses is an intense gratification which clearly say that you have achieved something very important. Also, the college provide a variety of resources, including academic advisors, professors, tutoring academic support and more that help students to achievement their full potential and increase chance of being more satisfied with their career later in life. For example, I felt dissatisfaction with my actual job; as a result, I decided back to school and choose a career that really interest me. In addition, because college graduates are able to find higher paying jobs and get into positions with job advancement opportunities, they are typically more satisfied with life. Without doubt, college education can deliver great personal …show more content…
College offers students clubs and organizations on campus that students can getting involved. For example, RACC have a Multicultural/International Club where members can meet and interacting with students from many countries; as a result, students gain respect and a better understanding for cultures of other nations. That is an invaluable lesson for students because most of society’s prejudice and stereotypes come from the lack of understanding that we live in a multicultural world. Also, clubs and organizations on campus encourage students to become actively engaged in their communities by volunteering. For example, the campus offer opportunities to serve as English tutor or in other subjects. In the same way, graduates can find opportunities for service in their local community, towns or cities. For example, nursing students and graduates in my town find ways to improve the health of our community and make better place to live. Educated people not only use the knowledge in their workplace they can apply their skills for make better

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