Education Is An Important Gateway For A Student 's Life Into Improving Their Standard Of Living

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Schools are an important gateway for a student’s life into improving their standard of living. Schools help improve education about a student’s future. Students who graduate from school have an increased rate to find a better job, to help improve a societies socio-economic problems. We think that one of the more serious socio-economic challenge facing the province of Quebec is government budget cuts to the schools of Quebec. Budget cuts to schools not only affects students, but how they come out of the school unable to help the economy bloom. We think that budget cuts to a teachers pay-check affects how students are taught, we also think that budget cuts to a schools equipment also makes a student lack the best they can get out of a school.
In our opinion, teachers are not getting enough money for the service they provide. Quebec City has one of the worst minimum teacher salaries clocking in at 40’000.00 a year says Montreal gazette. Sure they can get a maximum pay of 70’000.00 a year, but the problem is the minimum. It shows that teachers in the province of Quebec are not seen as important as they really are. They are not getting a great salary for the good they are providing for the province. We think that teachers have a huge impact on the economy, through teaching students. If teachers are not motivated to be good at their profession, what is going to happen to the students? The result of that is students are coming out of school with a lack of education. Teachers that…

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