Education Is An Important Aspect Of American Politics Essay

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Education has been an important aspect of American politics since its inception. The debate on education continues to be a hot issue with all the economic, social, and political issues attached. As many believe, education allows an individual to become a better citizen and become more caring for other individuals. Many groups fight for their version of what they believe to be important. Education has continued to develop to allow for greater diversity. With this greater variety in education, more students are able to form proper opinions and question the world around them. Liberty of choices, will continue to be American’s strong point if we allow for liberal education.
As previously stated, education is an important aspect of our way of life. It allows us to grow as individuals, become better citizens, and be able to form coherent opinions and debate them. It can make for an equal footing between various socioeconomic classes. As Roth states, “the best protection against indoctrination was more education.”(Roth, Page 23). More education allows students to be better able to form vastly different opinions and be able to stand up to the majority. If everyone receives a liberal education, then citizens have more equal footing with those around the world. This is important in our ever smaller world. Roth is correct in his views of liberal education being a cause of change. With my experience, I have decided on West Liberty for the chance to grow. I have always been told that…

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