Education Is A Way Out Of Poverty Essay

1964 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
“The American mythology continues to insist that education is the path to the middle class for those struggling to escape the grip of poverty.” Dr. Cynthia Hudley. I do not agree completely that education is simply a way out of poverty, if this were true, then there would be no poverty. Majority of children in poverty stricken neighborhoods do attend school, and are receiving an education, but yet the poverty cycle continues. Perhaps it is better to say that a high standard of quality, equal education is a way to escape the grip of poverty. This can only be achieved if students in poverty are given equal education opportunities as their peers in upper and middle class schools. Unfortunately, if your education facility is dilapidated because of poverty and students are taught in deplorable conditions, I don’t see an easy way out of poverty. If students think that the teachers, the district and their fellow classmates do not care about surrounding conditions, then why should individuals care? I’m not saying that all teachers and school administrators do not care, it just might feel that way. A lot needs to be done in order for high poverty schools to be able to produce better outcomes for their students. The teachers in these affected schools need to have the same credentials as teachers in other public schools so that we ensure all students are getting the same high standard equal education. It is all easier said than done, but there has to be some incentive to help urban and…

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