Essay on Education Is A Real Thing

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“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” This quote comes from Maya Angelou. If schools taught about diversity at a younger age, imagine what are education system would look like. We would have more teachers that are understanding, this includes students. If we taught students that poverty is a real thing and a huge problem in the education system, imagine how different teachers and students approach to poverty would be. I want to change what is wrong with diversity in the education system and I believe I can make that difference. Growing up, I have always had the privilege to attend a catholic school my entire life. Yes, this meant I had to wear a uniform every single day a jumper or a skirt that could only be two inches above the knee. I could only wear a certain color sock and certain kind of shoes. Most people who I would talk and went to a public school dreaded the idea of wearing a uniform, but I loved it. It meant I didn’t have to pick out an outfit every single day and everybody had to wear the exact same thing, no one was different in that aspect. Just like the uniforms, the people who I went to school with in kindergarten through eighth grade also looked the same. The schools I attended in elementary school and middle school were predominantly caucasian. I can recall only having about one or two classmates that were african american in elementary and middle school. All of my friends I hung…

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