Essay on Education Is A Necessary Part Of Society

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Many today think of education only as a traditional classroom with students sitting in rows of desks under the instruction of a teacher. However, this is only one small part of the educational process. The word “education” is derived from the Latin educatio, meaning “rearing” or “upbringing” (OED). Rousseau declares that just as “[p]lants are shaped by cultivation,” so men are shaped by education (38). Certainly, the educational process is much more than the imparting of knowledge from a teacher to his or her students. If education is to form people and society, it must be available to every member of that society. Indeed, Wollstonecraft asserts, “[T]ruth must be common to all” (4). Education is a necessary part of society; not many would debate to the contrary today. However, many certainly debate the aims and best methods of education.

I grew up in a small village (population 400) in the agricultural region of northwestern Illinois. While my education in small rural public schools was undoubtedly different from that of many others, I believe that it served me well. Perhaps because of my parents’ recognition of the importance of their own education (and perhaps because my mom is herself an educator and my dad served as the president of our local school board for several years), I have always recognized and understood the importance of a good education.

Educating a child is a decidedly difficult process. Because of this, parents should begin teaching a child early at…

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