Education Is A Fundamental Human Right Essay

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Over the years, there had been a great deal of confusion regarding where higher education began. Surprisingly enough, the confusion still exist today, although not as rampart and widespread as the early days. In the Early days, when you could count the number of pupils that proceeded to continue education after the primary level, higher education was often the word used to refer to secondary education. As more people begun pursing education beyond the primary education, there arose a need to distinguish the two.
Higher education, simply put, is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after secondary education. It is delivered in a number of universities, colleges, vocational schools, trade school just to mention a few.
According to the right to education, education is a fundamental human right which is essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It provides individual freedom and empowerment and yields important developmental benefits.
There are a number of specific steps required to pursue the right to education which included the availability of a free, universal and compulsory primary education, an available and accessible secondary school and an equally accessible higher education.
Based on the 3 requirements arose the need for effective education and with that came different modes of delivery of education between the lecturer and the students starting from the traditional classroom, virtual learning and finally the hybrid, often…

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