Education Is A Difficult Profession Essay

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Education is a difficult profession. With little income, time, and responsibilities, it is hard for teachers to manage personal lives. Teaching requires so much work, that there is barely any time left for breaks, leaving teachers both exhausted and overworked. Even though it is difficult being a teacher, it comes with its own benefits. Although teaching has its benefits, it has issues that need to be addressed. With limited supplies, teachers buy a lot of their material. Over time, the cost of supplies t adds up. In a study, it was found that “nearly all teachers—99.5 percent” buy supplies that they need in their classroom (Heitin 2014, para. 4). As the graph shows, there has been an increase in school supplies, instructional materials, and other classroom materials. Even though there is a lot of money going towards these supplies, teachers have the intentions to help students learn the best they can. This means that teachers are “digging into their own pockets to cover the costs on classroom supplies or materials” (Heitin 2014, para. 4). What is supplied in each classroom at the beginning of the school year is clearly not enough to last a full year. As time goes on, the average amount of what teachers’ pay for supply increases. It is estimated that “high school teachers averaged $53,230 a year as of May 2010” (Robertson 2014, para. 5). That is almost the average of a year’s worth of teaching. Teachers are clearly not earning enough to make a living. Since…

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