Education Is A Crucial Tool For The Proper Development Of Any Child

1316 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Most will agree that education is a crucial tool for the proper development of any child. When one thinks of "education," their mind automatically associates it with the public K-12 school system, with certified teachers instructing students who live in a specific regional area government-approved standards for subjects such as reading comprehension, math, and science. However, this is not the only prosperous form of education for students. Coming from a private Catholic school system, I received a successful education with other students from various suburbs of Pittsburgh. The schools that I attended adhered to Diocesan standards, which took into account the government 's standards of learning, but incorporated the Catholic faith into most of the subjects. I was also taught by my mother in both my elementary and high schools, which not only meant that she was able to assist me with my assignments, it made some of the other teachers treat me like family. I was not homeschooled, but certainly was not an average student in the mainstream education system. There were distinctive rules and standards set for me, a far cry from those of a student in a public school whose parents have no involvement, and I still turned out to be just as academically capable as any average student my age. Plenty of homeschooled students also yield this same result, yet some adults and government leaders are against the idea of homeschooling. Although a knowledgeable teacher and adequate study…

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