Education Inequality Between Income Inequality And Diminished Opportunities

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Education Inequality
There is a definite link between income inequality and diminished opportunities. This link occurs especially in education. On average student outcomes and their opportunity to learn are more determined by the neighborhood where a child lives, than his or her abilities.The current education system in America is more likely to reinforce existing patterns of inequality than to serve as a pathway to opportunity. Additional state funding should be given to low income school districts to give them an equal opportunity.
It’s without a doubt that school districts want to see their students succeed, but some school districts have greater means to provide them with educational resources. Students who live in wealthy communities have an educational advantage because the system is rigged in their favor. They have more experienced teachers and a much lower student-teacher ratio. They have more modern facilities, more up-to-date computer and science equipment, and more up-to-date textbooks. They have more elective courses, more music and art offerings, and more extracurricular programs. They have better libraries, more guidance counselors and superior athletic facilities. The best-funded schools with the highest percentage of experienced teachers are most often located in the most economically advantaged neighborhoods. In Contrast, districts with higher poverty rates have fewer highly educated, experienced teachers and less stable teaching staffs.
The wealthier…

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