Education Inequality And The Middle East Essay

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Findings and Conclusions Education inequality is due to multiple limitations that women have to surpass in order to obtain an education, that is if they obtain one. Illiteracy keeps women from achieving their full potential as workers. High unemployment rates make it hard for Middle Eastern women to land a job to fund for their education or the education of their children. Economic inequality in the Middle East discourages women from getting educated because they will still get paid less than men. Education inequality in the Middle East affects females, therefore the Middle Eastern region should give females the right to education because they have lower literacy rates than males, higher unemployment rates, and economic inequality. Illiteracy is major problem that girls in the Middle East have to overcome in order to pursue an education. The Center for Universal Education at Brookings released Arab Youth: Missing Educational Foundations for a Productive Life?, a companion piece to the Arab World Learning Barometer, in February 2014. 3 Steer, Ghanem, and Jalbout state that “8.6 million children [who] are not in primary or lower secondary school, and 5 million of these children are girls.”(4). 3They also point out that “Girls make up 60 percent of the primary-level out-of-school population.”(Steer, Ghanem, and Jalbout 5). 4 These statistics are both surprising and worrying. 5 million out of 8.6 million children out of school are girls, and make up more than half of the…

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