Essay on Education Inclusion Of Disabled Children

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For years educators have struggled with adequately integrating physically disabled children in the classroom. Arvanitis said, “Educational inclusion expresses the commitment to educate each learner to the maximum extent appropriate” (2009). Earlier accommodations of students with disabilities provided only curricular and instructional help to those in need. IDEA 1997 saw the addition of services and technology aiming to bring special education students up to the same standards as their peers (Jackson). In recent years, many schools have begun to provide tablets and other materials to students to enhance their learning. While this provides able bodied students the opportunity to interact with the materials, certain students are left out of this. Students with cerebral palsy, for example, would be unable to work with the tablets as a classmate would. It is the duty of general education inclusion teachers, as well as special education teachers to provide access to common core curriculum to every student (Samuel Kirk, 2015).The focus of this study is to try and provide enhancement of the physical experience of schooling to disabled students. Students who are physically unable to interact with the material as an able bodied classmate would are given less opportunity to reach the same level of understanding as their classmates. Educational methods that aim to supplement the education of disabled students should be a focus of science teachers specifically, and all teachers in…

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