Education Has Increased On A College Student 's Career Essay

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Education has increased in price over the years. With tuition rates ranging from at least $40,000 per semester, students have no choice but to take out loans. As some loans are abundant, these options have become widely accessible to pay off these costs. Sadly, these decisions have accumulated debts over a college student’s career. With few articles supporting from Megan and Gillispie, these loans can lead to detrimental problems during and after college. In other words, these costs have caused students to gain stress in their day to day lifestyle that may lead to withdrawing from classes, sleeping for insufficient hours, and increasing personal expenses. In college, students are expected to sign up for classes to earn their degree on time. Most of the time, the funds needed to pay for these classes are not received. With the little amount of scholarships given and the excessive costs that come along with tuition, students will more than likely withdraw from classes. Despite these terrifying costs, loans can cover the tuition attending college. While these loans can help for the short term, students will receive an exorbitant debt. As these debts accumulate, many of their funds will not be able to support the tuition and likely lead to withdrawals from classes. These situations cause students to stress about their finance and seek their attention towards that problem instead of their studies. Even in the University of Phoenix, student loans has affected…

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