Why Education Gap Exists

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Preschool. Kindergarten. Elementary School. Middle School. High School. College. Classwork. Homework. Projects. Papers. Quizzes. Tests. Finals. Education builds the foundation of our lives. For a good chunk of our lives, we are in school or doing school related activities. However for some people, this doesn’t happen due to the fact that people are being educated differently all over the world. The main factor that contributes to this difference is the education gap created between different socioeconomic and racial classes. The education gap is something that has been and continues to be a problem in the world.

There really is no good reason why the education gap exists and no good reason for it to be as big as it is; it 's something that people shouldn 't have to worry about. School is a place where everyone is supposed to have the same opportunities and resources. Education is something that is supposed to help the world end poverty. The more intelligent people are, the more capable they should be to escape poverty. Education is supposed to be this “great equalizer of the conditions of men”(Mann 250), but with the current education gap, all it does is make the rich richer and the poor even
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My school has so many opportunities for learning, a solid curriculum, and hardworking teachers. Not all schools have that. However, when going to school and living in Saint Charles, I don’t normally think about the education gap because it’s not something that I have to worry about. I don’t have to worry about the education gap because where I live, education is important, however, there are towns surrounding mine that are struggling a little more with the issue of equal education. Education taught in different schools in Illinois is different from the way education is taught at my school, giving this students either more or less to worry about regarding the education

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