Education Gap Between Rich And Poor Essay

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In today 's world a college education is highly required for most jobs. That piece of paper can be a big determining factor on what career fields a person is able to enter. Most wealthy families will send their children to college. I feel that wealth is a big following factor for kids who attend college because they can afford it, so why not give college a shot? If a family is wealthy than they most likely succeeded at something, and I assume they want nothing less for their kids. They probably view a college education/ degree as the key to success, or at least the first step to success. Eduardo Porter is a writer for New York Times, specializing in the Economic Scene section. Porter wrote an article that focuses specifically on the social status of “rich” or “poor” and the effect it has on achieving a higher form of education. This article is called “Education Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Growing Wider.” Peter Sacks is a social critic who also deals with economic scenes. Sacks wrote an article that also compares college to social class and educates us readers on how unaffordable college is becoming to the people who most need it. His article is called “Educating The Hierarchs: College and Class in America.” Porter and Sacks overlap with one another throughout their articles on matters such as the cost of college, the effect socioeconomic status has on attending college, and where all of this stems from. College is becoming harder and harder for families with modest incomes…

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