Essay Education : Future Or Prehistoric Style

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Education: Future or Prehistoric Style Through the years, technology in schools has drastically increased, allowing students to now have all the knowledge in the world just clicks away. Students now have, iPads, laptops, smartphones, and much more to use throughout the day. The excuse for not being able to find the answer or solution is not accepted any longer, as students can find any answer on their own. With a major jump in technology, is there an increase in education in the classrooms as well? Some argue that technology is not an improvement for education, rather a hindrance to students ' learning. Students no longer have the hassle of textbooks or going to lockers. With these advancements, younger students are given more of a college way of learning, in that studying and finding information is done more on the own time of the students. Although technology may distract some students in the classroom due to games and messaging devices, it gives students a faster and more efficient way to contact teachers, obtain information, and further their education in school settings as well as outside of the classroom. With constant growth, technology has made learning much easier for students. Students use to use only paper, pencil, and textbooks. Teachers were harder to reach and if a student wanted to use a computer they would need to use it at home or go to the library to use one. Over the past 20 years technology has not stopped increasing in education and is still…

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