Education Funding And Private School Vouchers Essay

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K12 Education Funding and Private School Vouchers
Education continues to be a hot button topic in the United States. Essentially, the debate is whether or not the federal government or the state and local government should control the K12 public school system. Some state governments however, have not been successful in managing their public systems leaving students in those states at disadvantage when competing with students from states with better school systems. Some would like to argue that local and state government should continue to run public school systems because each state knows what is best for the student population. Federal education programs have previously been unsuccessful in improving public schools because it has not addressed the real issue, which tends to be lack of funding. Programs like No Child Left Behind allowed students to move forward without actually learning the information. Standardizing the public school system throughout the nation may encourage teachers to focus only on reaching federal goals instead of teaching students. The best way for Hillary Clinton to handle k12 public education if she becomes president is to increase federal funding to public school, especially to low income areas and get rid of private and charter school vouchers that are tax funded. Increasing federal funding for public schools can help increase the salaries of teachers and let schools hire more teachers. Raising teacher salaries is a vital part of fixing the k12…

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