Education For Sustainability A Core Component Of Pre Service Teacher Education

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Learning to be leaders for change

Over 30 years of effort have been dedicated to making education for sustainability a core component of pre-service teacher education. Yet recent research indicates that pre-service institutions in Australia are not adequately preparing teachers for education for sustainability in schools. The authors of this study reported on their experience trialing a strategy called the Mainstreaming Change Model to enact system-wide improvement in the teaching of education for sustainability in two Australian provinces. They found that pre-service teacher educators lacked both leadership capacity and knowledge of change strategies, skills that must be developed to drive systems change.

The Mainstreaming Change Model assumes that long-term sustained change is most likely to occur when all members of the pre-teacher education system—including: schools; pre-service teacher educators, staff, administrators and students; unions; and government agencies—share the same goal. The model proposes three stages: first mapping and understanding the relationships with the pre-service education systems; next building a common vision among all stakeholders; and finally developing strategies to coordinate changes and monitor incremental improvement. The project simultaneously evaluated the effectiveness of the Mainstreaming Change Model and also built the profile and provision of education for sustainability in Queensland and the Northern Territories where 80% of…

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