Education For Peace Essay

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Chapter Four
4. Education for Peace
4.1 Introduction
This chapter focuses on the role of education for peace and gives due emphasis for analyzing various works on the purpose and function of education as well as its role for peace and building peaceful culture in a society. At the end of the chapter different education programs that contribute for the building of a culture of peace are identified and discussed.
4.2 Meaning and Concept of Education
Education is a broad concept which is closely related to various aspects of human life and the environment. Hence, the term education has a wide connotation, it is difficult to define education by single definition; education is like reform that refers to no particular process. People can be educated by reading books, by exploring their environment, by travel and conversation even by talk and chalk in a classroom (Peters, 2010). Education is the process of transmitting the accumulated knowledge, skills and values of the society from one generation to another.
Education helps to shape the attitudes, behaviors and structures of a society. It is a means to all rounded development of human beings. It promotes critical thinking of citizens that helps them to be rational and objective in their day to day activities and a base for achieving their purpose. However, education is not a forum to create uniformity of ideas in a society and a means to lead them in a single dominant ideology rather it is a means that helps to develop the

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