Essay about Education, Food, Accommodation, And Clothes

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I may even be better than orphans who don’t have dad or mom, many of them do not know what to do. That is why you find many of them Chokoraa (street children) discouraged. People take them for house hold chores, but use them differently, they abuse them, violating human rights.
Basic need for these children first is education, food, accommodation, and clothes. If you go to the school, but no food at home, it means even learning is difficult, you can get food, but no clothing then again you are devastated. So all things contribute to the well-being of a human being that you have education, food, health, clothing and good accommodation. You cannot study or do your homework sitting on the bed. You need a good place for your studies, a table and other things. Otherwise it is difficult, I often look at my young brother (Andy, not a real name), the way he studies is not good at all. He needs tools for learning- A big table, a good bright lap, enough books. But he doesn’t have anything to help him learn, that is why the health of his education will continue to be bad forever. One participant explained that although her parents had cattle, still they could not afford to let her to secondary school.
I had no one to pay school fees for me; my parents were poor with no enough income. By the time they relied on the fluctuated flock business. The cost of cows was low at a time. How many cows do you think they could sell to let me go to school? All of them? I ended up staying home…

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