Education Enforcement Of Strict Rules, Dress Code, And Expectations

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“Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost After attending Mark Sheridan Academy for nine years, choosing a high school wasn’t easy. Freshmen year of high school was the year that I chose my less traveled road. Enrolling in Chicago Hope Academy, a private Christian school, wasn’t always the plan. Instead, I had hopes of getting into Muchin College Prep., which is a public school in Chicago. Although attending Chicago Hope Academy was not my original plan, spending my last four years at a private school has made all the difference. This difference was a result of the structure of a private school education—enforcement of strict rules, dress code, and expectations of the mission statement as well as the continuous reminder to not waste our tuition and to take advantage of the opportunity given to us. The main reason the private schools have more structure is since they are funded by tuition and donors. Compared to a public school which is funded by the state and federal government. Since privates schools are independently run they are able to set their own standards. Therefore, a private school has more structure than a public school, which leads to a more positive environment for the students. Here are things that private schools do that public schools should do.
Traditionally, most private schools require a uniform or have a strict dress code policy. These rules have a positive impact on the…

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