Education, Education And The Importance Of Environmental Education

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Environmental education is critical to the progression of any society. A person’s connection with their surrounds is vital because they need to have a sense of place and understand what is around them. In order to understand what your surrounds are you have to learn and be taught which is why environmental education is so important when it comes to societies respecting nature. In education no matter the subject the way the lesson is delivered plays a key role in how the student receives it. A teacher is expected to be organized help and guide their students but education has shifted from just hearing the teacher give a lecture about their knowledge for an hour, they must interact with the students. It is too often that students just sit in …show more content…
Learning is not something that stops once a person graduates from any level of schooling. It instead continues until the very end of one’s life and I think that is missed fairly often when education is taught because reading out of a book can be beneficial but it isn’t always the best way to learn. Environmental education can’t be treated the same as any other subject because while mathematics is important it differs from environmental education because it is more of a life long journey. When a student enhances their knowledge about their environment it allows them to have a better grasp of what is around them. When a course such as mathematics is taught a student may become dependent on the teacher, with environmental education this must be overcome. Students who are able to take what a teacher is teaching and expand upon it themselves gain a sense of more responsibility with their our education. They can see that working and improving their knowledge and skills as a journey. Students can begin to see education as more than just sitting in a classroom but an everyday anywhere …show more content…
It is different and the ability to comprehend and grasp the subject should be approached differently than other subjects. Science classes are more hands on learning and the environment is no exception. Nature is a beautiful place and if you want the students to truly fall in love with it show them the places where nature has blossomed. Make sure that when you are teaching you know who your audience is and what their interests are because it can make or break your ability to reach them. When teaching your student make sure that they embrace the subject and take ownership of their own learning about it because they will feel a better connection when they lead their own way. The most effective way to teach environmental education varies from student to student but always make sure that everyone knows that there are solutions to the environmental issues we are facing. Remain positives and explain to them that they have a direct impact on how these issues unfold and they can help fight against these issues at anytime. When they take responsibility for the environment and see what a work of art it is they will want to work towards preserving it for their children and the future generations to come. Environmental education is a life long journey and should be reminded as such because nature is

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