Education : Education And Education Essay example

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Education can set apart a country because education levels is directly more income. Education levels vary greatly depending on where you are in the world. Developed countries generally have education programs readily available while developing and underdeveloped countries struggle to provide adequate education. Basically, getting a higher education will increase your income by increasing skill levels and ultimately generating more money for spending in the market. With more learning and education there comes reforms and new laws for markets like green and low calorie products even regulation of cigarettes for public safety concerns. With more training, education, and development employee with higher skill sets arise to meet the markets/ labor force needs. Education is a very valuable thing to countries because it directly tied into standard of living. Operating or doing business in other countries comes down to making a profit so in areas where education levels are low a company would only want to do operations that require low skill levels. Whereas “India’s large pool of well-trained technical workers is one reason the country has become a popular location for outsourcing computer programming jobs”.[5]
Economic Systems
Furthermore, economic systems offer great ways to capitalize in countries. There are four types of economic systems 1. traditional economic system, 2. command economic system, 3. market economic system and 4. mixed economic system.[6] Depending on…

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