Education : Education And Education Essay

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Are schools in England socially just? There are many different types of schools that exist, such as private schooling, payment by result schools, comprehensive/grammar schools, public schools and others. Many of these types of schools’ policies are socially unjustified. Education gives us all access to qualification in England. However there are still some people that get more than others, how is this fair? This could because of many things such as, girls have higher educational attainment than boys, this could be because of the large number of female teachers in primary schools. Or it could also be because the education is feminised. There are also many other different inequality in education, for example the educational attainments differs according to your nationality, race, gender and disability etc. This proves that education in England is not socially just and there must be some problems that will need tackling. In this essay the justice system in education will be discussed and how the problems can be minimised to make education more socially just.
The main focus of this assignment will be how socially just private schools are and how it affects society. All the concepts of education will be thoroughly discussed and evaluated in this essay. Private schools, (known as independent schools worldwide), are non-governmental and non-state schools, which are founded by charities, individual organisations and paid by the students through tuition fees. They don’t rely on…

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