Essay about Education : Education And Education

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Education shapes the individuals who run this world. Because of this, the content included in curriculum is a widely debated subject. Everything from math, to physical education, to the arts is included in different curriculums. However, some disagree that the arts, such as dance, drama, and music, shouldn’t be included in the school system. These people propose that these are luxury topics, and not necessary for success in the real world. This concept might apply to some kids, but others find delight in the arts, and even wish to pursue a career involving these skills. Some kids express themselves through athletics, which is nurtured by physical education courses. For the kids who prefer expression through different forms, different courses should be provided. Math and science provide their own benefit, but different benefit can be produced through other types of courses. Arguments continue to attack this social issue in the status quo, and opinions are rising. The arts should be included in school curriculums because they teach expression, provide history, and provide options to make the student well-rounded. To begin, the arts teach students how to express themselves in new ways. Dance, music, and drama are all art forms that allow the performer to express their inner emotions in their own way. For people who aren’t extremely passionate for things such as sports, they can become passionate in other areas, such as the arts. Math and science teach valuable information,…

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