Essay about Education As No Child Left Behind

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Education is one of the places where racial inequality do happen. Since ages, education has been one of the fields where racial and ethnic minorities do struggle for equal access to quality schooling. According to Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, “On average, Asians and Whites have the highest probability of graduation at each of education, followed by blacks.” This means that racial and ethnic inequality in American education system has transcend into the occupational hierarchy. According to Mann, “A commitment to meritocracy motivated the establishment of the American public school system, which was designed, in part, to promote social equality through the equal access to education.” (Mann 1832). However, the achievement gap between minorities and the whites in terms of higher scores in their exams have close just a bit. Following a series of research on how American schools were faring with other industrial societies, a reform known as No Child Left Behind, was passed by President George W. Bush in 2002. The purpose of this law was to identify poorly performing public schools whereby each state will test students from third grade through to eight grade every year in mathematics and reading. This system was to make sure that all student- blacks and whites will have the same privileges, but there are a lot of things that shows and proves that equality does not exist in our education system and that is the funding gap. The main issue in education is…

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