Education As A Tool For Supporting Social And Economic Development

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Education is about life of each individual person working as a tool for supporting social and economic development of all. Education empowers people with the knowledge of realizing the value of human pride and destiny. Through education, people can contribute as active members of the society in which they live as well as citizens of a large global society, socially, economically and politically. Education empower learners and lead them to the right judgment pertaining their lives, learn their traditional and promote diverse reciprocal understanding and connections. Moreover education should as a tool to help people deserve their divine and national heritage, defend human existence, and the planet which is humans’ temporary home and for the future generation to come as a gift, which we cannot take for granted, do that beyond local and national borders.
I have this strong sense that kindergarten and primary school education must be of high priority since it sets the foundation of lives and the educational levels. I look at it similar to building a house. When the foundation of a house is strong, the house will last and overcome the tremors of natural disasters, in the contrary, when the house lacks the strong foundation, we all know follows when the blustery weather comes. Similarly with kindergarten and primary school, this is the time when, although children need the foundation for their consecutive levels of education, they also need a strong foundation and basic…

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