Essay on Education As A Privilege, Not A Burden

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Education As a Privilege, Not a Burden When students hear the word “education”, they associate it with the word school and a picture of an angry teacher commanding them to do things. It is rare for students to announce that education is important or valuable. When one is to observe a school environment in-depth, they would witness how students lack motivation to go to school since they think of it as a prison. They would witness how students are cramming and rushing to do their homework at lunch because they did not bother to do it at home. They would witness how, sometimes, teachers leave students on their own to avoid work. Education has been taken advantage of and dismissed. The mere talk of knowledge and school makes young people cringe and feel depressed. Most of the time, the idea of homework and projects blinds young people that they fail to see the beauty and power behind having knowledge. Teenagers do not see the importance of education when it comes to handling the crazy scenes of life. How can we convince the youth that education is really the key to success? Even I, sometimes, think that going to school and pursuing my education is a heavy obligation and burdensome. In Twain’s article, knowledge or education is portrayed as the robber of all things that are charming and beautiful. Chesterfield warns the audience about ephemeral pleasures in place of real and lasting ones like education. The numbers show that 72 million children around the world are not…

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