Education And The Law Enforcement Essay

1002 Words Mar 30th, 2016 null Page
Education plays a vital role in the goals I want to achieve. Today, it’s becoming more important to earn a master’s degree, and I believe it will help me to reach my full potential. The economy has propelled this type of education as a necessary tool in order for people to get a job this expectedly important to the federal levels that deals with law enforcement. This includes the people point of view of the law enforcement and how they have come to understand the law enforcement as a whole. So does the requirements education of law enforcement itself in order to go with the changes that are happing around today’s world. This means the level of education is also changing such as a high school diploma or associate 's degree dose no longer carrying the same esteem as they had in the past, in the past higher education had equaled a better pay and better understand of what your position was at that time. as higher education is known to require to fulfill aspirations. I am willing to put in the time and work necessary to become the best in my profession by obtaining a master’s degree in law enforcement. For instance, applying to get into the master program and graduate assistant position is one of the steps that I am taking in order to become a more educated person who is prepared in dealing with the changes that are happening in law enforcement and the community. My future endeavors include pursuing a career in federal law enforcement; however, I have not made my mind up…

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