Education And The Early Development Stages Of Life Essay

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Education systems are unique experiences for each individual. Most historical scholars believe that learning begins in the early development stages of life. Learning starts with a mother and child interacting face-to-face. Early recorded education shows that a formal education was usually considered to be made up a scholar and pupils in a private setting. This setting is what is referred to as a “traditional educational setting.” Many people around the world have participated in some sort of formal education system. Since computer technology has emerged in society, education has now evolved into sometimes having online education methods of delivery. Traditional education facilitates better learning because it offers direct interaction with teachers, fosters good relationships between students, offers a clean, quiet environment for students to learn, and provides all the necessary equipment and technology necessary to effectively learn.

Educators cannot be replaced with a video computerized lecture. Any traditional college setting offers direct interaction with teachers. Some students have difficulty watching the video and answering the questions at the end of the lecture. Listening to a passive voice read moderately without inflection in speech can be very annoying when one is attempting to understand a new concept. Having an instructor present face-to-face can have a tranquil effect on students. Students can have all of their questions answered in a timely…

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