Education And Social Reconstruction And Progressivism Essay

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Two teaching philosophies with which I professionally identify with are Social Reconstruction and Progressivism. Both of these philosophies are a lot alike and they are both student-centered philosophies which is what I look for in my future classroom. In Progressivism the role of the instructor is to encourage students and engage students by making them excited to learn. A big part of progressivism is that the instructor focuses on the whole child. I like this aspect because it is important to educate the whole child and to also teach them how to be a good person. The role of the students in progressivism is to help design curriculum, think through possibilities, form questions and evaluate their own success plus the teachers. I believe evaluating their own success is important because it helps them grow as a person but I also like how this philosophy says that the students can evaluate their teachers as well. The reason why I say this is because teachers have so much influence on a child 's success that students should evaluate their teachers help as well. The learning environment in this philosophy is student centred learning which means it includes the student 's opinion in many aspects of the classroom. In order to do this teachers must learn to let their students have a say too. I feel that this could be a challenge because it 's hard to give your students some leadership when you 're in charge but I agree with it because it gives teachers feedback and their students…

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