Education And Social Perspective: The Importance Of Education

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Education. It is known to be the ground on which we learn how to speak, how to spell, or how to read. A home away from home, and as we further our education we went on to learn and understand that the social institution of education was more than just a place for learning our ABCs. We learned more than how to find the area of a triangle or how to get sum of two numbers. Unbeknownst, as naturally as it comes we learned how to socialize. How to act and react, realize and understand societal values, and come to common grounds with those around us.
It is sociologically understood that we are more likely to gravitate towards people who bare resemblance towards our own selves; a similar race, class, or someone who we share the same interests with
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I think the ease and simplicity of childhood caused to become a dreamer; I wanted things to be just as easy as the posters made it seem. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to grow up at the time, and then you’re hit pretty hard with reality learning that its not all fun and games anymore. You’re hit even harder when you realize you can work just as hard as the person sitting next to you in class but because of their race or their gender, they’ll go onto better things. I think my education shaped me for the real world, because my classmates are the same people I would go on to work with in my future. You learn these life lessons like to be respectful, or that hard work pays off, but you also learn that that’s always not the case, you experience things like racism, and sexism and how they’ll grow to be a part of your everyday life, you learn social hierarchy and that your boss like your teacher is in charge. You learn that it’s morally wrong to cheat on your test as it is your spouse. You learn so many things that go on to shape you into who you are today. When it comes to the education system, albeit learning how to count and how to read, it prepared me for the future good or bad. Understanding genders, how society perceived my race and others, class, and how something as silly as the popular kids table will apply to my life even now many years later; I understand it all differently

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