Essay about Education And Skills Act ( 2008 )

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The school leaving age in England had been set at age 16 since 1972. The Education & Skills Act (2008) increased the `age of participation` to age 17 from 2013 and then to age 18 from 2015. This has meant that any young person born on or after 1st September 1997 has to participate in some form of education or training until the age of 18.
Young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) has been an increasing social problem for the Government. Barry Sheerman, who is a Labour MP, states that “Young people not in education or training is one of the biggest social problems facing a modern Government.― Between 1995 and 2008, young people classified as NEET stood between 8-11%. This age group of young people had become less motivated to continue with their education after completing their GCSE`s and therefore have been finding it more difficult to find employment.
The Government hopes that by young people having additional time to gain extra skills and qualifications that this will lead to more skilled labour within the workforce as there has been an increasing demand for this.
There are various education and career options available for young people at the age of 16. It has become increasingly difficult for young people to find full time employment, therefore approximately 70% of 16 year olds had previously decided to remain in full time education. They can stay on at the sixth form at their school (if they have one) and study academic qualifications in chosen…

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