Education And Personal Philosophy: The Purpose Of Education

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I believe the purposes of education are to offer our present and future generations with knowledge in order for them to succeed in life. As a educator, it will be my job to instill the basics of each subject of reading, math, science, and social studies into our children and to also see and screen their development skills at each grade level. Every child acquires new skills at each stage of development. The goal is for the child to take all the knowledge that they obtain over the years, understanding how and when to use them to become a competent adult.

I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways. Some of these are being in a safe environment, having support from the adults in their
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These basics include group work, a variety of children in both race and gender, and grade-level appropriate assignments. Group work is helpful in observing how children learn as they interact with others. They feed off each other’s energy, and sometimes understand things better from their peers than from the teacher. Having a variety of children in the classroom teaches the children how to work with others who may look, speak, and act differently from them. Teaching a curriculum that is grade-level appropriate keeps the children on the right learning path. Additionally, this enables the teacher to see who may need more challenging work and/or who needs more …show more content…
Some of these basic needs are love, good nutrition, & stable living conditions. Every child should have love and affection in their life. This gives them confidence, shows them that someone cares, and gives them the ability to express themselves. Good nutrition including fruits, vegetables, & plenty of water provides energy to help them pay attention and get through the day. It also strengthens their bodies and prevents illness. Good nutrition promotes healthy living and prevents obesity. It is important for a child to have stable living conditions because it affects them emotionally & psychologically. A child with a stable home is able to build long-lasting relationships allowing social & cognitive skills to develop. Some consequences of instability are behavioral problems and low educational attainment. Stability equals structure and discipline which is much-needed in a child’s

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