Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

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Education allows for the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer (Abdullah, 2015, p. 314). In essence, this refers to the idea that the more educated one is, the more likely the individual will earn a greater amount of wealth in the future. Therefore, higher education proves the potential to allow individuals to receive a greater distribution of wealth. In addition to this, certain results have shown that secondary education plays the greatest role in reducing income inequality instead of higher education (Abdullah, 2015, p. 314). Other researchers have found that education actually does not play a major role in income inequality. Instead, the researchers have found that many years would need to go by before the distribution of highly educated people would place a high enough impact on education (Breen, 2015, p. 472). However, some researchers continue to argue that those who accomplish higher education possess an increased skill level (Ashenfelter & Rouse, 1999, p. 21). Because of this, highly educated people are more likely to find a job. This challenges the idea that through working to improve education systems, rates of return to education will continue to decrease. In other words, researchers have found that through developing societies’ educational systems, one creates the potential to reduce the level of income inequality within the particular society (Tilak, 1989, p. 461). Thus, one is likely to understand the reason as to why policymakers stress the…

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