Education And Its Effect On Education Essay

1200 Words May 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Education is one of the most important thing to have nowadays. But it doesn 't come easy as it once did. If a child did not know how to read before he got to school, he started learning right away. Not just reading but spelling, the multiplication tables, arithmetic and how to tell time. But is isn 't that way for kids today education has been dumbed down and many schools are little more than prisons with the teachers acting as wardens.(“Marmo, Education Then and Now”) Public education today is a lost cause in many parts of the country. Teachers and the better educators are fighting a valiant rearguard action, but it 's essentially a losing proposition. Federal regulation, federal funding, promises of free college education for every child, escalating costs and a general dumbing down of the curriculum offered is destroying what’s left of quality education and preventing its revival in most instances. (Marmo, “Education Then and Now”) High School graduates can barely read on an 8th grade level. In Texas there 's a test called STAAR that students must pass at specific points. Since teachers are evaluated in part on how many of their students pass the STAAR.. or more accurately, how many fail it.. they wind up teaching to the test and not bothering to teach anything not directly related to it. (Marmo, “Education Then and Now”) What 's left? self-education , homeschooling, christian schools, private schools and internet based schools. None of these answers are perfect but…

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